Every Child Deserves To Love Reading September 16, 2018 – Posted in: Inspiration

A friend told me about her son’s aversion to reading and that he can not stand the sight of books. She seemed very sad when relating how he became like that. “It was the competitive environment of our school systems that pressured me into forcing my child to read for grades.” She blamed herself for being so short-sighted and came to me seeking advice on how to reverse the damage. Reading was a chore, an unpleasant task and books about faraway lands and magical creatures had become the equivalent to boring homework for her son.

We started off with a general conversation at bedtime with an oral narration of a story mum had read earlier in the day. This really helped because that became their special time when they joked, laughed, talked and discussed the twists and turns in the plot all the while keeping the books out of sight. Then one evening after getting under the covers, mom began telling the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. I had asked her to put special emphasis on the giant and its appearance, and things seemed to fall into fall into place, as the child started to wonder what the giant might look like. That’s when mom brought out the book with beautiful illustrations and was delighted to see that her little boy had taken the book from her and was reading it enthusiastically.

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It seems to me that “reading for fun” is a phenomenon that might soon become extinct in Pakistan. Raising Readers is an initiative to revive the culture of reading and bring back the love of books. Our motto is ‘every child deserves to read,’ that is why our excellent quality and low margins guarantee affordability and accessibility. It is a blessing to be given the opportunity to enrich the lives of families across Pakistan and bringing them together with the fun and joy of books.

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