Noor kids: Squeaky clean

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‘Allah loves those who purify themselves.’ (9:108)
Cleanliness, or tahara, is the state of being clean or keeping yourself clean, both physically and spiritually. Even though cleanliness today is an important and encouraged virtue, we seek to highlight two reasons why Islam places such a high level of importance on it. After all, Prophet Mohammed (SAW) teaches us, ‘Cleanliness is half of faith’ (Muslim).
In our first story, ‘Fresh Photos.’ Shireen discovers how self-respect and being clean impacts the success of her photo exhibit. For people to appreciate the beauty on the inside, of Islam and of ourselves, we should beautify our outside as well.
The second lesson is that when we are in the presence of Allah (SWT), we want to be in a state of purity, both outwardly and inwardly. In order to be successful, we must prepare by cleaning our body and soul through wudhu. Amin learns this in our second story, ‘Neat & Tidy,’ that to have a successful meeting with anyone, most importantly Allah (SWT), he needs to prepare properly.
ISBN: 97819488657
Product Type: Book
Format: Paperback
Author: Amin Aaser
Language: English
For Ages : 3-8
Country of Publication: USA
Publisher: Noor kids
Condition: Brand New


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