You’re four!



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The fourth in a series of five sweet rhyming picture books that celebrate early childhood in all of its wonder and curiosity. Each story is crafted to reflect a child’s developmental changes as the baby grows from an exploring toddler into a confident five-year-old child. You’re four! Four is fantastic. It’s twice as big as two. What else comes as four? Other than you? Thirsty for knowledge, the four-year-old explores the world with great gusto. Celebrate this special age in a child’s life with a gorgeous picture book that perfectly captures the joy of being four years old.
ISBN: 978-1760630072
Product Type: Book
Format: Board book
Author: Shelly Unwin
Language: English
For Ages: 4-year-olds
Dimensions: 7.76 x 0.43 x 6.77 inches
Country of Publication: USA
Publisher: Allen and Unwin
Condition: Brand New


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